Monday, April 27, 2009

Introduction to documentarys: storm

1. What do you think they had to do to make this documentary? What work was put into creating it?
2. What are some ingredients or elements that you noticed were used in this documentary?
For example, music, colors, images, text.
3. What was your favorite part?
4. If you were to make this, what would you do differently?
5. How is your response to documentaries different than other your response to a book or newspaper?

They first had to find actors. Also they would have to show the actors how to reanact what will really happen to a student who gets bullied in his school.

The elements used in the documentary is that most of the movie was black & white also they had music and inside and outside shots of the school that the student went to.

My favorite part is when the movie goes to color and first I thought that the movie was just black & white but then I noticed that they used those color to show something in the movie and not for the movie. So I really enjoy that Becuase the color is part of the movie also.

If i was the maker of the documentary I Will probably interview a real person who was bullied and put the interview at the end of the movie that was put to show the reenactment.

Its diffrent because with a documentary it really shows who the person is but when you listen to it in the news etc. They put somtimes there own little facts.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Short story introduction

leaving, I woke up and the sound of the alarm clock wakes me up. the time makes me jump up from my bed and get ready, it was 6:00 am. Today's my moving day, i walk downstairs and the moving trucks were outside standing like beast with engines. I think in my head once i move I will have my friend chase waiting for me in his apartment. So me feeling like I'm in a new world dissolves as I think. I look straight ahead and i see central park, it looks beautiful in the morning the i turn my head to the left and the time Warner center reflects from the sun. The streets are filled with people even in the morning, that's what you get from the "city that never sleeps". I take a deep breath and look at Manhattan for the last time, I'm not upset because I'm just so tired.

I get in the car and I tell the driver to go. he begins to drive and the buildings get smaller and smaller. We enter the FDR and i see cars and cars ididn't have time to think i had to start working on my role in the movie. My last role was in titanic and this movie i have to do better, some of my friends are waiting for my amazing role in the movie, so once i enter the Bronx and go up the apartment everything will be sorted out. i sleep for just ten minutes and wake up entering a bridge in the top it has a bronze plate that says ''third ave bridge" finally i say to myself were here i can go back to sleep.

As we enter the mainland I see buildings people and cars. the same thing as Manhattan nothing changed. ten minutes later were in The Hub it looks great with people and twelve story buildings

Monday, February 9, 2009

Red Cross

the poem theta I am reading is called "red cross" the mood of this poem is sorrow because in the poem this girl meets a women called ms.fisher who sleeps on the steps of the red cross. and she meets the women and gives her a doller. The reason i picked that mood is because in the poem people make fun of ms.fisher and she began to cry. And the girl helps her and keeps on asking who is she, the other reason i picked this mood is because its about a homless person who needs help and a girl trys to help her, sorrow is a good mood for this poem.

Friday, February 6, 2009

poetry responce bronx masquerade

In the story Bronx masquerade i can infer that Chankara dose not want to be like her sister who has been abused by her own boyfriend. In the story Chankara gets smacked by her boyfriend then she writes a poem called "Bruised love". The poem speaks about how Chankara found her sister bruised by her boyfriend and she says that she will never be that way and in that situation. The way that she feels in this poem is angry, because she doesn't like the way her sister is being treated and also she is angry because she knows that her boyfriend might not really love her and treat her good like hes supposed to treat her. The meaning of this poem is of a girl who doesn't want her sister or her to be treated in that way also the meaning of the poem is about bravery because in the story when she go smacked by her boyfriend she told him that she will never be that way and told him to get out. I think that she named the poem "bruised love" because her sister loves her boyfriend that hits her and she loves him but she gets hurt so its bruised love.

Monday, January 26, 2009

readers response 3

pg 1- 60

The book I was reading was a poem book. It was called Omnibeasts the book had multiple poems inside. My favorite poem inside the book was the snake, the reason I liked the poem was because the shape of the poem the shape of the poem was a snake and what I also liked about the poem was the metaphor that they used what was interesting was that in other poems they used similes and metaphors using the snake but NOW the snake useses metaphors and similes also thet's why i find this poem interesting and fun and I enjoy reading it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Q:What do you think the title "Praise Song for the Day" means? Why is this significant to the poem?

A: I think that "Praise Song for the Day" means that a praise song was sang when Obama won the election and also the praise son of the day is the song that was sang on the day of Obama inauguration . also the praise song was sang for the people who made Obama win by fighting for civil rights.

Q: How did the poem make you feel?

A : this poem made me feel happy that people who fought for so many years actually had a chance to have a African American president even if i disagreed on his policy I'm still very excited for the people who fought for civil rights.

Were there any words or phrases you especially liked? Why do you think the poet chose these words or phrases for the inaugural poem?

A: my favorite quote is "praise song for walking forward in the light" the reason why is because it shows that the people that fought for civil rights won the fight. Its also my favorite quote because people who died for a African American president can now rest in peace.

What poetic devices do you notice (for example: alliteration, 3 Rs, metaphor, simile, etc.)?

A: she uses symbol in the poem for example she says we use a road to freedom as americans.

How does this poem relate to Obama's life and the inauguration? What is the theme or lesson?

A: everytime obama does somthing in his life as president is historic. Because just having the racial barrier broken. the theme of the peom relates to obama so much becuase now thers not a limit for an american to do what they want to do.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Themes in To Kill a Mockingbird

What are some major themes in TKM?
How does the author reveal the theme?
What lesson do you think the characters will learn?
What lesson does Harper Lee want YOU to learn by the end of the book?

some major themes that they have in the story tkm is that atticus has courage. the reason he has courage is because he is defending a black man and he is defending him in the time were lots of rascist people lived. i think hes very brave becuase he might be risking his life another major theme is determination because he is determined to risk his life to save another person. also he is determind to win his case, the aurhtor revels his theme in the story by using very powerful quotes. the lesson that the characters will learn is that atticus will learn that not all people will want to defend him during the trial. the lesson that harper lee will want me to learn is that treat people equally also not to judge a book by its cover for example if you see another person with diffrent skin color you should not treat them bad. that s what i think harper lee want us to learn during the end of the movie.